How may we help you?

Frölich Postproduction A/S is an experienced partner in handling all aspects of video and audio production.

We have successfully been in the business for more than 25 years, working with clients from all over Europe. We have produced, handled, edited, voice recorded, mastered and delivered thousands of commercials, corporate videos, radio spots, webinars and adaptions for all media platforms.

We are ready for your next project, no matter if it´s big or small.

So… How may we help You?

“I Just wanted to say that we really appreciate all your wonderful help with getting all these spots ready. It has been a stressful week for everyone to say the least but it is so nice to work with excellent people like yourself:)”

– Ylva Jakobsson, Account Mannager, FCB Fältman & Malmén

What we do


  • Editing, VFX and motion graphics.
  • Color grading.
  • 2D and 3D packshots and animation.
  • Subtitling.
  • Mastering to all media and formats


  • Voice over recordings and direction
  • Voice cast / samples in all languages
  • Sound design and mix
  • Radiospots, podcasts etc.
  • Music research

Production / Content

Production of Corpoprate videos, infomercials, Social Media videos etc. We help your ideas getting visualized. From animation to Drone footage, and all that lies in between.


Adapting all kinds of international spots for the Scandinavian market.

We have excellent inhouse video facilities and co-operations with State of the art audio and post-production facilities all over Scandinavia.


We excel in producing audio visuals for the Pharma industry. Adaptation, visualisations, trailers, CTA, MOA and video content. Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unfortunately not allowed to present our work. Please contact us for further information.

“I have been working with Frölich Postproduction on multiple occasions over the years and it has always been a real pleasure. On the top of being very professional, the team is reliable and dedicated, trying to understand deeply the brief and production needs to find an adequate solution in terms of production. Finally, last but not least, they are very nice people to work with.”

Charlotte Grønfeldt, Account Director, McCann Health, Nordics

Our Work

Some examples of our work:

Dicte, The song for you Teaser. Compositing, edit and colorgrading.
Volvo FH Electric til DEKRA, Production, B-Photo, B -drone, edit and colorgrading.
Skoda Enyaq 80 Premium. Online, Supers and Colorgrading

Dicte, Bring Back My Man, Teaser 2. Edit, VFX and colorgrading

Dicte, Bring Back My Man, Teaser 1. Edit, VFX and colorgrading

Volvo Truck, Holiday Greetings. Snow, fireworks and music

Sygeforsikring Danmark, Tandfeen. Edit, supers and Colorgrading

Volvo Truck Aalborg, Mobilservice: Production/direction, edit, grading and masters

Express Bank, Tænk Frem, TVC: Edit and masters

Volvo Truck Denmark, Nøglefærdig: Production/direction, edit, grading and masters

Sygeforsikring Danmark, Voksensnak. Edit, supers and Colorgrading

Volvo Truck Taastrup, Sustainability: Production/direction, edit, grading and masters

Biogas Danmark, Fremtiden er cirkulær: Edit, grading, graphics and masters

Skoda, Enyaq Coupe Premium 30s: grading, graphics and masters

Bucher Municipal, Elektrisk slamsuger. Production/direction, edit and Colorgrading.

Sikkerhedsstyrelsen, Pomfrit Spa: Edit, grading and masters

Volvo Truck, AB Catering: Production/direction, edit, grading and masters

Sygeforsikring Danmark, Fidusen i at dele, 20s TVC: Edit, grading, graphics and Masters

Motorstyrelsen, Ejerskifte 20s: Edit, grading and masters

Wiser, Ånden i glasset TVC: Edit, online and masters

Klasselotteriet TVC: Edit, online and masters

Motorstyrelsen: Edit, grading and postproduction (Full Frame)

Motorstyrelsen, 3. nummerplade: Edit, grading and masters

Express Bank Samlelån DK TVC: Edit, online and postproduction

Max Factor My Story DK: Edit and postproduction

Knorr TVC: Edit, grading, VO and postproduction (Water VFX by Vinther Grafik)

Riberhus TVC: Edit, grading, VO and postproduction

Designrådet Teaser: Edit, grading and postproduction

Nescafe Second Blend TVC: Edit, grading, VO and postproduction

I want to thank Frölich Postproduction for the organization and all the professionalism. It always works very well and I am always happy with the effort. ”

– Mikael Angell, Nordic Product Manager – Pharmacy, Beiersdorf

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